Ahref Account - Free Premium Account Download May 2022


Ahrefs Premium Account Download  May 2022, This Account Validity is For 3 Months and This Account Comes From Standard Purchasing Plan.

Ahref is one of the most popular seo tool to find best and suitable keyword for your Blog's Topic, Personally I also use Ahrefs Account to find the best keyword, I purchase standard plan of ahrefs premium account and I decided to give this account to the internet peoples who don't have enough money to purchase ahref account.

How to Get Ahref Premium Account For Free

There are Two Ways To Get Ahrefs Premium Account For Free, You Can Download Cookies Of Ahrefs Premium Account And Use an Extension in The Chrome Name as EditThisCookie And Get Ahref Free for 1 Week and The Other Way is That You Can Download Premium Account From The Link And Copy&Paste The Email and Password To Ahrefs Website And Just Simply Login.

1. Ahref Premium Account With Cookies

Personally I Recommend This Way To Get Free Premium Account, This is the much safer way to get free premium account because if the user change email or his password of ahrefs premium account so it won't effect on you and ahrefs also can't judge that who is using his account the process of doing this a little bit difficult but after doing this don't logout if you logout then you can never ever again log in back to this account, so let's start with some basic steps.

First download the cookies from the bottom of the cookies download paragraph and after That just simply open a new tab in your chrome webstore and then click on search and type chrome webstore open the first link and after that search there edit this cookie click on the first one and then just simply install and run the extension in your browser after that open .txt file of cookies in notepad and just simply copy all the text after that go to ahrefs website and after that in the top right corner in the left of your google account profile pic just simply click on the extension option and select there edit this cookie.

Now click on the delete box and in the third section you can see option just simply point your pointer to there and you will be see there will be a text comes with import now click on it and in the empty box just simply paste the text which you download from .txt file and then after that click on the green tick option and now after two minutes don't close the tab refresh the page and you will be login to a ahrefs premium account and make sure to don't log out the account if you log out then you will never be able to again log in to the account.

■ Cookie 1 Mediafire Link [Click Here To Download]

{If Cookie 2 is not working then try this link}

 ■ Cookie 2 Mega Link [Click Here To Download]

{If Cookie 1 is not working then try this link}

1. Ahref Premium Account With Email and Password

The Method I am going to show you know is only temporary for 1 month, just simply in this method you don't need any tool just simply download .txt file from the link in the bottom of this paragraph and after downloading file just simply do some copy paste and your account will be ready to run, I don't recommend this method because there might be a chance that the owner of the account could change his password or turn off this account permanently, the cookies method is the personal method which i use and recommend you to use but this method is also for some temporary work.

So first simply download the .txt file from the bottom of this paragraph and after that open the file and now go to your browser and go to ahrefs website click on login and copy paste the email and password from .txt file to ahrefs website and click on login now you will be successfully login and now you can do some keyword research and other works but make sure to don't do any illegal or against community rules because it might result in the banned of this account permanently or temporarily suspended.

■ Ahrefs Account Mediafire Link [Click Here To Download]

{If Link 2 is not working then try this link.}

 ■ Ahrefs Account Mega Link [Click Here To Download]

{If Link 1 is not working then try this link.}

Conclusion: This Accounts which I provided doesn't have guaranted how much time does they works thats why I rccommend you to use cookies, also url shortners could be pain but this is our only way to maintain the servers.

If you've any thoughts on Ahrefs Free Premium Cookies and Premium Accounts Download May2022, then feel free to drop in below comment box. Cheers!

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